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Transformation of Internet and Web Technologies through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Since the time internet came into existence, many technologies have been invented but few of them have survived the test of time.

Artificial Intelligence is one of the very few technologies which have potential to disrupt our future lives.

The advent of internet of things(IoT), which means the inclusion of sensors in almost everything that is used at home, is already adding shades of intelligence to devices and connectivity between them, especially enabled by voice, means that you can control them by giving voice commands.

Learning and processing information like human beings have become very easier for machines and even it has crossed our imagination. To name a few, automated transportation, robotic limbs, care for the elderly.

If we talk about the implementation of AI in digital space, this will influence the web technologies in near future.

In this article, we would concentrate on influence of AI in the digital platform like web design, web development, e-commerce, content writing, content creation, advertisement & so on.

Influence of Artificial Intelligence in web design and development

Artificial Intelligence will take the web design & development to another level of interaction by allowing users to interact directly with machines.

Many companies are working on AI algorithms which will build websites. Some of the best examples are Grid, WixADI and Firedrop.

These tools take inputs from user based on their suggestions and make autonomous decision on design layout, content etc.

Even they take users through several steps of suggestions for their requirement analysis. In some cases, they need the content to be filled up and you are ready with your website.

But still there are scopes for designers as there is limitation with capabilities of these platforms.

However, we have many AI enabled services like logojoy and Bannersnack, where we can look forward to outsource part of our design work.

To redo the existing sites, design can be adopted dynamically through machine learning and can provide content as per need of user.

AI can predict the requirement based on the user’s intent and search.

End of the road for fresher’s job?

Not exactly, as AI is evolving and is still not fully equipped to take creative decision and determine factors like taste and emotional impact, so it will take a while.

Having said this, the repetition jobs done by humans at low-level would be taken over by AI driven machines.


AI, Machine Learning and E-commerce

According to Business Insider, 72% of all retailers will make investments into cognitive/machine learning by 2021. So, e-commerce is one of the most sought after sectors which will invest heavily into AI.

Some examples of investments going into personalized customer experience, automated customer service and voice search.

Ever dreamed of a robot saying something would “totally look cute on you”? Now you can.

Machine Learning and artificial intelligence will be able to understand customers better and provide a more personalized experience.

Retailers that have already implemented personalization see more than two to three times higher sales.

The futuristic step toward personalized shopping experiences will be the ability/possibility to interact with virtual service agents.

For clients, that is useful since bots don’t sleep and can handle an infinite number of enquiries at the same time.

AI bots can follow up on leads, identify prospects and improve sales processes.

If you see Alexa, Google Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana, Samsung’s Bixby and Siri, these are voice powered AI assistants.

Amazon’s Alexa now readily integrates with many third party offers. Users can use these assistants to call an Ola, Uber and order foods also.

So, it’s highly anticipated that in near future we will be able to talk to our favorite shopping websites the same way we do to our phone or home appliances.

Use of Artificial Intelligence for content writing and content creation

Artificial Intelligence is helping into writing and content marketing through multiple processes like research through machine assistance, proof reading automation and content writing by bots.

The major part of content creation is done through research. Researching and compiling information and keeping it into an order is time consuming task. But, in near future, artificial intelligence might be able to do the major part of it. it will also help into deciding which mails to look into or not by going through it’s content.

We have been using spell check for quite long time. AI is getting better at undwerstanding the context and intent behind written words. So, it can now become an enabler to correct grammatical mistakes and writing style to improve the text by suggesting the ways to do it.

Grammarly and AtomicReach are already there in the market.

It has been predicted by market research that by 2018, 20% of business content will be composed by robots.

Machines can already create contents automatically like:

  • Business Reports
  • Stock insights
  • Recaps of sports events
  • Hotel descriptions


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will change the way we live our lives.There will be complete paradigm shift in the way we use digital platform as AI will help in personalizing the web presence and interaction with e-commerce portals along with other home appliances.

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