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Say goodbye to 2017 and welcome 2018

The new year 2018 is just a day away and we are going to say happy new year to all.
So the year 2017 leaving us saying good bye.As it is said that the time never waits for you.
Its true and the year passed.It will never come again.
We are going to miss the year infact what we did throughout the year, the memories,
the time we spent with the loved ones,everything.
So what you did in the passing year.Do you have any regrets? The new year is just entering
and you might sit at home sometime and thinking about the past year.You might be thinking about
the things you could have done but you did not do or you lost something or someone.
Is it right time time to think? I personally think its not the right time to think.
Its no point thinking or regreting about the past.That will only make you depress and ruin your present.
Since the new year is comming infact it is nocking the door and just about to enter, you should
forget everything about the past year which makes you depress or hurts you.
Welcome the new year and celebrate the first day keeping in mind what you could not do in the last year,
you can achieve this year as it is never too late to start anything.
Clebrate this day with your loved ones,kids,friends and start the year with a bang.
happy new year

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